My Lunch : Pad Kra Prao

Ingredients :
1. Holy basil
2. Garlic smashed
3. Minced pork
4. Soy sauce
5. Vegetable oil
6. Oyster sauce
7. Sugar
8. Carrot
9.Thai chili, minced

Directions :
1. Mince garlic and chili together. Clean and pick kra-prao leaves (holy basil) from their stem. It may appear like a lot of leaves, but the leaves will shrink when cooked and this dish's flavor comes from the leaves.

2. Fry the garlic and chili pepper in oil over high heat. When garlic starts to turn brown, drop the ground minced pork in and carrot chopped. Stir constantly. The juice will start to come out. Keep stirring until all the juice is gone. It might take a couple of minutes.

3. Add sugar, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Then add Thai basil. Quickly turn it over a few times to mix the leaves with the meat and then remove from the fire and put phad kra prao in the serving plate or dishes. Serve hot with rice. Normally in Thailand, pad kra prao is served with a small bowl of chili pepper in fish sauc

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